Many businesses struggle with day to day admin tasks.  They get snowed down doing everyday tasks like answering phones, booking appointments, attending to emails, typing quotes, etc, This leaves them little or no time to make calls, managing social media accounts and websites, etc. They then don’t have the time to do important tasks, like generating sales, attending meetings, and grow their business.
But outsourcing to a virtual assistant can help. But how can they help? what can they do for me? Outsourcing these tasks to a VA takes the pressure off and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

So, what sort of tasks can you delegate to a VA?

There are many tasks that can be delegated to a VA, I guess it just depends on what your business requires.  These tasks include:
  • reception/answering the phone. You can divert your phone to the VA and have them answer the phone for you, and email messages to you. This is especially useful when you are attending meetings, traveling, or working offsite.
  • General Typing, document creation, and formatting. A VA can type letters, minutes, create spreadsheets, presentations, and reports, even do data entry, saving you valuable time.
  • Booking appointments/calendar management.  Your VA can schedule appointments and manage your calendar, ensuring that you are organised. This is very helpful to some businesses due to the workload and amount of travel that staff may need to do.
  • Email Management. Your VA can sort through and manage an email account that receives a large number of emails daily. They can organise the emails into folders and make it easier for you to follow up.
  • Manage Social media accounts. Our social media accounts are something that all businesses need, but managing them takes a lot of time. Whether it is to plan and schedule updates to Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram, planning, typing, and sharing things online to give a great social media presence is time-consuming.
  • Bookkeeping and accounts. This is the most common outsourced task.  From basic accounts and invoicing to uploading of receipts, reconciling of accounts, and payroll.  Bookkeepers are a great asset to small businesses.
  • Website creation and management. Just like social media management, websites also take up a lot of time. Some VAs specialise in creating and managing websites.
The benefits of outsourcing to a VA is that they are contractors, and you only pay for the hours a VA works for you,  ie. if you just need assistance for 5 hours per week, you only pay for that 5 hours.  The amount of hours you wish to hire a VA is entirely up to you. Some businesses prefer to hire a VA for a certain amount of hours per week and enter into an agreement for that, others just hire for ad-hoc projects.
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