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Welcome to the Secretarial Online Virtual Assistant Hub!

As a VA, I am quite passionate about the VA industry, and now more then ever, it is important that local businesses support each other. That is the sole reason I created the Secretarial Online VA Hub.

Most business owners who are needing assistance, do not know where to find the assistance they need.  This is why I am creating a Virtual Assistant Hub, a one stop shop for local businesses to find the support they need. We have amazing VAs in the Penrith Blue Mountains area, that specialise in many areas, eg Marketing, website design, bookkeeping etc. Each listing will have the VA name, business contact details and what the are of expertise they have.

As a business owner you will have the option to browse the VA Hub listing to choose who would best suit your business or submit a job lead to the hub, so the VAs with the relevant experience contact you. You can submit a job lead below.

As a local VA, you can join this listing and be a part of a group of supportive VAs.

 Tips for working with a VA

1. Know what the task is that you need to outsource so you outsource to the right VA.  Think about what needs to be done, brain dump or write them down.  Then think about what area these tasks fall into and group the tasks you need to outsource into those categories. Eg. Accounts, general admin, marketing, website etc.

2. Be clear about what the task requires, skills needed to do the task, deadlines, etc. to avoid misunderstanding and confusion, it is important to outline in a scope of work, all that is required of the task. This includes, what the task involves, software needed, timeframes and deadlines etc. Be specific about all aspects of the task.  If you are not clear, than the task may not be done how you want it to be done, as the VA thinks that the task should be done one way but you actually meant something else completely, subsequently leaving you feeling unhappy and disappointed.

3. Communicate regularly with your VA, let them know that if they have any questions about the task they can contact you for clarification. Establish a clear line of communication with your VA, be it through email, messenger app or phone etc. You can also have weekly meetings by phone/zoom or in person to check in and update about how the job/task is tracking.

Let your VA know that you are available for any queries at any time – specify how to contact you eg via email.  If you can clarify any queries than your VA will know exactly what needs to be done and how you want it to be done.  In the end, the result will leave you happier and more satisfied.

Terms and conditions of submitting a job lead.

Thank you for choosing Secretarial Online to assist you in finding a local Penrith Blue Mountains virtual assistant to help your business. Our virtual assistants come from a variety of industries and have varying experiences and interests in their niche areas.

Please check out the online profile of our VAs through their listing on this page, or their business websites and social media profiles before choosing your VA.

A few things to note about using the job lead posting service:

  • *Secretarial online is not a recruitment service and only gives you access to local Penrith Blue Mountains VAs who are independent business owners. We take no responsibility for the relationship that results from your connection with them.
  • *As a business providing the job lead, it is your responsibility to connect with the VAs who have responded. Please respond to all VAs that respond to your job lead, even if they are not the VA for your business. A simple and courteous ‘no thank you’ or response to their email will let them know that you have received their application and that you have chosen not to proceed with them.
  • *All VAs are fellow businesses owners who are contracting their service to you. They are not your employee and as such need to be treated as you would treat any other business owner/contractor.
  • *Any job lead that seems fraudulent will be deleted by Secretarial Online at our discretion The protection of our VAs from scams or fraudulent job offers is of our highest concern.
  • *If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

Thank you for choosing Secretarial Online. We wish you all the best with your VA.

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  •  * any software requirements, and
  • * the approximate hours you require
  • * how you wish to be contacted eg. Email or Phone
  • * contact email/phone details

The VAs that are able to assist you will then contact you directly.

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