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We are creating a Virtual Assistant Hub!

As a VA, I am quite passionate about the VA industry.

Most business owners who are needing assistance, do not know where to find the assistance they need.  This is why I am creating a Virtual Assistant Hub, a one stop shop for local business to find the support they need. We have amazing VAs in the Penrith Blue Mountains area, that specialise in many areas, eg Marketing, website design, bookkeeping etc. Each listing will have the VA name, business contact details and what the are of expertise they have. As a business owner you will have the option to browse the listing to choose who would best suit your business or submit a job lead to the hub, so the VAs with the relevant experience contact you.

Watch this space! 

Rachel Townsend

Rachel Townsend

Secretarial Online


Specalises in admin support including, data entry, formatting and creating documents, updating spreadsheets,  social media, systems and procedures.

Ph: 0414784428



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