Lots of businesses struggle with completing various tasks in their business, but have no idea how to outsource or are afraid of outsourcing to a VA.  Some have outsourced before and not had a good experience. Lets face it, there are some really awful stories out there!

This could be for a variety of reasons, including not knowing where to find a VA, believing they are all from overseas or just inexperienced people.

But outsourcing tasks to a VA can be cost and time effective to businesses.  Here is Australia, we have amazing talented VAs from a wide range of industries that are highly experienced and affordable.  As they are located here, they are in your time zone, so you can reach them in real time when you need to contact them. They also understand the Australian language and consumer laws.

But how do you ensure that your experience working with VA will work for your business?

Here are my top 3 tips on how to make working with a VA a success.

  1. Know what the task is that you need to outsource so you outsource to the right VA.

Think about what needs to be done, brain dump or write them down.  Then think about what area these tasks fall into and group the tasks you need to outsource into those categories? Accounts, general admin, marketing, website etc.

Some business will think they need a general admin, but once working with the VA they realise that what they need is a marketing or accounts person. This has actually happened to me.   A potential client approached me to do some ‘admin work’ for their business, including account support – which I could do.  After working with that client for a few months, it became apparent to me that whilst I could do all the admin side of the work, what they actually needed was someone to do payroll – this was something that they wanted me to eventually take over, but I could not legally do this as a contractor due to needing the right qualifications and licenses/insurance to do. Whilst this situation ended well, it made me as the VA , feeling like I was not doing my job properly and left the client not happy either.  

This type of experience can leave both the client and VA with feeling like money/time was wasted and can lead to a bad reputation to your business and the VA industry.

Knowing what tasks you need to have done is really important – that way you can hire the right person for the job.

  • Be clear about what the task requires, skills needed to do the task, deadlines etc.

to avoid misunderstanding and confusion, it is important to outline in a scope of work, all that is required of the task. This includes, what the task involves, software needed, timeframes and deadlines etc. Be specific about all aspects of the task.  If you are not clear, than the task may not be done how you want it to be done, as the VA thinks that the task should be done one way but you actually meant something else completely, subsequently leaving you feeling unhappy and disappointed.

  • Communicate regularly with your VA, let them know that if they have any questions about the task they can contact you for clarification.

Establish a clear line of communication with your VA, be it through email, messenger app or phone etc. You can also have weekly meetings by phone/zoom or in person to check in and update about how the job/task is tracking. 

Let your VA know that you are available for any queries at any time – specify how to contact you eg. via email.  If you can clarify any queries than your VA will know exactly what needs to be done and how you want it to be done.  In the end, the result will leave you happier and more satisfied.



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