Social media is one part of a business that a lot of business owners worry about. They are concerned that they don’t know the technology, are not sure what to post or even how to create content. It really is not that hard – you just need to plan.

For me, I plan my social media one month in advance which then frees me up to work on other parts of my business.  I don’t have to stress.  I know that however my day goes, my social media will automatically be posted.

Planning is the key point to all social media platforms – whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Pinterest. If you have a plan in mind that is relevant to your business and to your customers, you will reach your target audience. As long as you do not do the constant hard-sell customers will engage with your page. The general rule of thumb is to share 80% information, 20% selling (80/20 rule).

Daily Themes

Firstly, you need to work out a guideline to what you want to post – each day post something different. For instance, you could set out your themes for each day. An example might be:

Monday – Motivation
Tuesday – share an article/blog post
Wednesday – Promote your business /Share wisdom
Thursday – Biztip
Friday – Funny /Freebie

I create all my social media graphics in Canva – this program has a free level, that you can use to great all types of graphics social media posts, reports, videos and so on. There are many other apps you can use like Adobe Spark but Canva is my favourite, as I find it easy to use.

When I create my social media posts in Canva, I download them and save them in folders for each topic on my harddrive. eg create a folder for motivation and each motivational social post is then saved a number (motivation 1, motivation 2, etc). Doing this for each theme is then very useful when you start planning your social media – your social media graphics are all kept in one place and are easily found.

Once you have your basic guideline that suits your business, you can then plan your monthly social media around that.


Each month, I sit down and plan my social media – I use a social media calendar. This is one that I created myself.

Social Media Planner

Each month I write in the days of the month, record what my goal might be, and then write down the posts I want to schedule.

This is a social media planner I created for myself to use, and will soon be available to purchase as a pdf downloadable file. Write the dates in from 1-30 for the month you are planning, and you are ready to go.

Looking at your guideline, you then write in what you want to post each day.

On the Mondays of your calendar, choose a motivation graphic, and write that in each Monday spot eg Motivational 3, Motivational 7, Motivation 10, Motivation 1. Do this for each day on the calendar following your guideline for each daily theme.


Once you have planned out your month’s social media, you can then start scheduling them. I schedule my Facebook posts on Facebook using the scheduler – some people will use a third-party social media scheduler apps/programs like Smarterque or Later.

In your scheduler, create a post for each day that you have planned – once scheduled, tick that day off on your social media calendar. This is a really effective way to know where you are up to when you cannot schedule all the posts at once.  Using this method you can see where you are up to easily and can then continue without getting confused.

For me, I like to keep my social media calendar under my keyboard until all posts are scheduled – I then file this away in a folder to use as a reference when planning in future months, as you can see what you have used before and therefore not double up by posting the same thing each month. This also allows you to reuse old content that you have not used before.

I hope that this has been very useful to you and that it helps you to get the most out of your social media. This format can also be useful for other streams of social media like Instagram.

Please note I have not received any endorsement or been paid by any of the apps or platforms that I have mentioned here in this article, and that no part of this blogpost may be copied/used without the approval of Secretarial Online.