Recently, I had a research project job where I was given a list of small business names and contact details and asked to confirm their contact details.  This meant I had to find the email, contact phone number, and hours of business, and then record in a spreadsheet for a follow-up phone call. These businesses had signed up for an online course, and details needed to be confirmed to arrange the start-up consultation.

Seems easy enough right? Do a google search on the business name, a search on Facebook, and BAM, all the details would be there.  I figured that this would be a pretty easy job and I would whiz through it.  Well sadly, that was not the case. Whilst the first business on my list had a Facebook page, the contact details like email, phone number, and address were different.

This surprised me, but I moved onto the next business name on the list. I did a google search on the business and found a website, checked the details but they did not quite marry up, email was the same, but the address and phone number were different. I then proceeded to do a search on Facebook and had a similar result.

As I worked my way through my list of businesses, it occurred to me that more than half of the businesses did not have a website.  Those that did, had different details to the ones that were listed.  Some businesses had a Facebook page, but some did not, and again, contact details and hours of business were either incorrect or not listed.

So, out of the list of about 70 business names and contact details, there were less than half that details were able to be confirmed. I could not believe what I had just uncovered!  So many businesses out there, and if I could not find how to contact them, then how could their potential customers find them?

So, this really got me thinking.  How do we fix this?  The only answer I could come up with ways to help educate small businesses to understand the importance of being easy to find.

Today, use our technology to search for information on the go, as we need to find things out.

So, if you want to buy takeaway Thai,  you pull out your phone and Google the takeaway Thai in your area. If you know the name of a business, but not sure where it is, or need to call them to see if they stock a product, you pull out your phone or laptop and do an online search. But what if you cannot find what you are looking for?  …  you then look for something else.

My biggest advice to you all is to run a ‘business digital marketing health check’ on your business regularly, at the very least twice a year.  so, how do you run a business health check?

Business digital marketing health check

To do this, all you need to do is:

  1. Type your business name into google and see what comes up. Check to make sure you are easily found in the google search. If not why are you not listed?
  2. Look at your website. Do you have contact details listed? Are they correct – let’s face it, we all are guilty of changing our contact addresses and phone numbers, and not always updating those details.
  3. Look at your Facebook page, are all your details still correct? Has anything changed that needs to be updated?
  4. List your business on sites like True Local, yellow pages, etc, quite often it’s free to list your business!

Remember, digital marketing is a fantastic way to advertise your business at a minimal cost – so take advantage of it where you can.  If you cannot find your business on social media or in a google search, your potential customers cannot either.

So, what are you waiting for? Google yourself and do your business digital marketing health check today. If you do not have the time, outsource this task to a Secretarial Online.  For more information email