5 Top Tips to help your small business

5 Top Tips to help your small business


With taking the brave steps to be my own boss earlier this year, I am relatively new to running a business. To say it is easy, is really stretching the truth – its damn hard work.  I have faced lots of challenges over the past few months and I wouldn’t say it has gotten easier, I have just gotten a little bit better at dealing with it.

But through hard work and determination, I am edging closer each day to my goal of running a successful business.

These are 5 things that I have had to learn the hard way, hopefully by sharing with you all, they will help you to be successful in your small business.

My top 5 business tips are:

  • Have your contact details easy to find.  How can you obtain new business if your prospective clients cannot find you? Whether it be on your website, or social media platforms like facebook and Linked in, make sure that your phone number, website and email are easy to see.  If a prospective client easily finds your details, they will be more inclined to reach out to you.


  • Include an “About Me” section on your website and social media. A photo and a story about you will help prospective clients to understand who you are. this will  make them see you as a real person, not just someone unknown behind a screen. Having a photo and info about you helps to build a connection, even trust… clients know you are real and feel better about contacting you.


  • Network – put your self out there! Tell everyone and anyone all about your new business. Join local small business groups in your area where you can meet face to face with other like mined individuals. This is where you can share knowledge and advice. And yes it is ok to network with your competitors! Fostering these relationships can benefit you both, especially when you or they have a deadline and need assistance.  Online social media groups are great too – you can get a lot of support from online groups and forums.


  • Be organised. Set aside time each week to assess your job load. Schedule time to do accounts, social media posts, website updates, make sales calls etc. If you plan your week, you are more likely to meet every deadline without running around in a mad panic.  Its hard when there is so much to do, but when you break it down and schedule some time to do these each week, things will run much smoothly.


  •  Set Boundaries – I don’t know about you, but I have found myself checking emails whilst in bed late at night, or even on weekends, scared I might miss something. Well its ok not to check those emails outside your normal business hours, so when your in bed at 10pm and your phone buzzes, leave it – the email will be there in the morning. You don’t work 24/7 so when your business is closed, switch off – enjoy the down time with your family.

With these 5 small pieces of advice, your business will hopefully run smoother, be more productive and your client base will grow.  And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – it will happen with hard work, determination and a great attitude.

Stay tuned for an updates on how my business in is travelling.

Rachel, Secretarial Online.

Virtual Assistant – Why do I need one?

Are you struggling to keep up with your office admin?

At some stage, all businesses get to the point where they feel that they are “treading water” to stay afloat.  We ignore it, go into denial mode or even try to blame others –  we bury our heads in the sand.

We don’t want to think about why this has happened, maybe we are afraid to look deeper into the causes and make the changes necessary to make your business better.But sooner or later, we come to the realisation that we need to be responsible and accountable of our business and, despite the discomfort, know we need help.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help take that pressure off and motivate you to get back in control of your business. You only pay for the hours that you use your VA- this could be as little as a few hours per week, what ever works best for your business needs.

VAs do many roles from reception and administration, through to media/marketing, accounts and much more.With some of these tasks delegated to your VA, you will then freed up to concentrate on growing your business through areas like marketing, sales, meetings etc.

VAs independent contractors, that have many years of experience, skills and knowledge – a valuable resource. Not all VA’s are off shore, there are many in here in Australia, like Secretarial Online, who not only understand the Australian language, but know how to relate to the Australian people.

Secretarial Online is proud to be an your local Penrith Virtual Assistant that provides administration support to businesses that need assistance in outsourcing their admin tasks.

If you need assistance with your admin, Secretarial Online can help.  Email me today on rachel@secretarialonline.com.au to organise a free initial consultation.

Rachel – Secretarial Online

Virtual Assistant – What Can they do for me?

Many businesses struggle with day to day admin tasks.  They get snowed down doing everyday tasks like answering phones, booking  appointments, attending to emails, typing quotes etc, This leaves them little or no time to make calls, managing social media accounts and websites etc . They then don’t have the time to do the important tasks, like generating sales, attending meetings, and grow their business.
But outsourcing to a virtual assistant can help. But how can they help? what can they do for me? Outsourcing these tasks to a VA takes the pressure off and allows you to concentrate on growing your business.

So, what sort of tasks can you delegate to a VA?

There are many tasks that can be delegated to a VA, I guess it just depends on what your business requires.  These tasks include:
  • reception/answering the phone. You can divert your phone to the VA and have them answer the phone for you, and email messages to you. This is especially useful when you are attending meetings, traveling or working offsite.


  • General Typing, document creation and formatting. A VA can type letters, minutes, create spreadsheets, presentations and reports, even do data entry, saving you valuable time.


  • Booking appointments/calendar management.  Your VA can schedule appointments and manage your calendar, ensuring that you are organised. This is very helpful to some businesses due to workload and amount of travel that staff may need to do.


  • Email Management. Your VA can sort through and manage an email account that receives a large number of emails daily. They can organise the emails into folders and to make it easier for you to follow up.


  • Manage Social media accounts. Our social media accounts are something that all businesses need, but managing them takes a lot of time. Whether it is to plan and schedule updates to facebook, linkedin, or instagram, planning, typing and sharing things online to give a great social media presence is time consuming.


  • Bookkeeping and accounts. This is the most common outsourced task.  From basic accounts and invoicing to uploading of receipts, reconciling of accounts and payroll.  Bookkeepers are a great asset to small businesses.


  • Website creation and management. Just like social media management, websites also take up a lot of time. Some VAs specialise in creating and managing websites.
The benefits of outsourcing to a VA is that they are contractors, and you only pay for the hours a VA works for you,  ie. if you just need assistance for 5 hours per week, you only pay for that 5 hours.  The amount of hours you wish to hire a VA is entirely up to you. Some businesses prefer to hire a VA for a certain amount of hours per week and enter into an agreement for that, others just hire for adhoc projects.
Contact us today to see how Secretarial Online can help you at rachel@secretarialonline.com.au